Doob2 Barbecue | The roughness within the gentle food

There are really all kinds of foods that can be found by everyone in Donghai. Today, I will introduce you to the super popular bento shop! That’s right, a bento shop!

Walking out from an alley to the parking lot, the first thing that caught my eye was a white container house. Next to the container was a small grassy garden. I almost thought that I was going for a picnic abroad in an instant. Don’t get it wrong, we were really coming here to eat the bento and not for a brunch!

What are the super secrets that are hidden within the long lines of people that come for the bento every day? Let’s try it now!

Let’s introduce you to their signature grilled double-shrimp bento. The fried golden and crispy surface with the 100% thickness, it really makes the cracking sounds when you take a bite~ Since the restaurant is called barbecue bento shop, it’s self explanatory that the chef must be an expert in grilling meat. The suitable thickness of the pork shoulder butt is served with an exclusive recipe of barbecue sauce. Just looking at it makes you drool.

Then there is the barbeque fried double-chicken bento. Although the chicken drumsticks are fried, it is still tender and juicy when you take a bite, and it will not be as dry and hard as the chicken from the other store.

The last one is the newly launched Korean fried chicken bento. The sauce is also homemade. It is definitely not bought off-the-shelf. The crispy texture of this fried chicken is completely different. It is quite thick and very crunchy, but it is not loose and crumbly and spill all over the table.

Every bento will be filled with a lot of corn kernels, broccoli, sweet potatoes, half boiled egg and homemade pickled carrots. Just looking at the plate presentation makes you feel very happy~

Doob2 Barbecue
No. 16, Lane 27, Xinxing Road, Longjing District, Taichung City, Taiwan 43442
Phone number: 04 2631 2025