Sunset Galore – Gaomei Wetland 高美湿地


Gaomei Wetland is a must-go place for every traveler who comes to Taichung city. Most people go there to watch sunset because you would be able to see the sun in an egg yolk shape slowly descending below the horizon.

However, it’s not a very accessible place, so people usually take a taxi from the hostel or from Qing Shui area to get there. It’s still possible to get there via buses, you can ask our boss Gary for directions.

As it was a weekend, there was a huge crowd on the board walk so we decided to stay on the concrete ground to watch the sunset. The sky started to turn dark after the sunset, and we only began to walk on the board walk while everyone else was leaving.

While walking on the board walk, the sky was dancing colours and I was in awe! The afterglow of the sunset was absolutely stunning, there were beautiful pinkish purple light rays. I could only capture the moments with my low resolution mobile phone because I had already kept my camera in my bag and I didn’t want to risk dropping it into the water in the dark.

Even though the wind was chilling, the beauty of the scene kept me moving forward. Given another chance, I would definitely visit Gaomei Wetland again!

And yes, remember to take stupid pictures like these! You don’t get to swallow the sun everyday…

Thank you to Nana, Cheng, Jin Yuan & Jimmy for the company!

Things to note:

  • Wear or bring slippers if you want to step on the wetland.
  • Bring a windbreaker, the wind is really strong.
  • Check weather forecast before you go. A clear day is recommended.

Getting there from T-Life Hostel:

  • Take bus 303/304/305 to Ching Shui High School(清水高中), then transfer to bus 178/179 and get off at Gaomei, approximately 1.5-2 hours.
  • Taxi about NTD $700-800, approximately 40 min.

*This article is contributed by 小帮手 Serene.