Best vegetarian restaurants in Taichung 最棒的幾間台中素食餐廳

Taichung is a wonderful city for food and you absolutely don’t have to miss out if you are on a vegetarian/vegan diet.

After living in Taichung for almost a year as a vegetarian I’ve compiled a list of my top 3 favourite restaurants to go to. I eat a lot so I can 100% guarantee you that these places will not disappoint. These are all restaurants that I’ve thought are great and returned to many times,
From international food to Taiwanese classics, feasts for the eyes and for the taste buds, Taichung offers it all!

對於素食的美食愛好者來說, 台中是一個已不容錯過的美食之都. 身為一個在台中待了一年的素食家我整理了三間最愛的素食餐廳. 從異國料理到台灣傳統食物, 我保證這些餐廳都能滿足你並讓你一再光顧.

1. Veganday

This place offers 100% vegan food. Each dish is delicately presented and tastes great. The menu is a combination of hearty western food; risotto/pasta/stews, salads and and asian flavours.

Veganday 提供100%全素料理. 無論是擺盤和味道都無可挑剔. 餐點主要是西式料理包刮頓飯, 義大利麵, 和沙拉並且融入中式口味.

They also have a selection of vegan cakes/desserts.


Must try dish: Spinach and vegan cheese wonton (appetiser)

必點料理 : 炸菠菜餛飩 (前菜)

2. Pulau Redang 熱浪島

This is a south eastern asian cuisine (malaysia, vietnamese, thai, indonesia) restaurant. You are undoubtedly not spoilt for choice here; there is a large selection of fried noodles, curries and hotpots. Every dish comes as a set including a bunch of side dishes. If you like coconut flavoured curries, desserts or drinks you will absolutely love this place.
My personal favourite is the Pandan coconut milk!

馬來西亞,越南, 泰國 , 印尼料理. 在熱浪島無論是哪種南洋素食料理都能一次滿足. 每一個套餐都包含很多小菜. 如果你喜歡椰子口味的東西你一定很喜歡這裡. 我自己最推薦的飲料是香蘭葉椰奶.

Must try dish: White curry ramen

3. VegesM

If you are interested in Taiwanese food you might be familiar with the concept of 滷味. (Often translated as selection of Braised dishes). It’s like a pick and mix of vegetables, proteins and noodles all stewed together with a delicious sauce. At VegM you can choose your flavour of sauce!
I love the funky hipster feel of this place especially the cute shopping baskets and wall of leafy vegetables.

如果你想是吃台灣傳統的滷味小吃 ,這會是你很棒的選擇!

Must try dish: Black sesame sauce