Coffeelization | A unique homemade brewed coffee

If you get a free afternoon during your busy life, Coffeelization is the best place to enjoy relaxing with a good cup of homemade coffee.

Down an alley in the Donghai business district a small coffee shop is hidden, different from the ordinary chain coffee shops found in the big and busy main roads. Coffeelization is a cosy shop with miminalistic decoration: There is a table on the terrace near the front door where customers can sunbathe whilst enjoying their cup of coffee with a piece of cake. Surrounding the table you can find the owner’s favorite plants with a retro bicycle resting against the window of the shop. Such a simple and unpretentious coffee shop is pretty rare in the area of Donghai, that’s why people discover this hidden gem by chance and end up staying inside all afternoon.

Today I was just hanging out with two friends in Donghai and we just came to Coffeelization to taste its coffee. Look at them waiting impatiently!

The shop doesn’t only have different types of hand brewed coffee, but also sells beautiful packages of coffee bags. Those who are interested in their products can follow them on Facebook or Instagram, where they often publish their new products.

If the coffee bags don’t satisfy you, no problem, the shop has it’s own roasted coffee beans, made by the owner himself every week. After roasting, the coffee beans will be selected again, one by one, in order to ensure the quality of the bean before being packed. The persistance of the owner is really admirable!

Just by looking at the shop’s menu, we can see how the world of coffee is vast. Those who are indecisive needn’t worry, the owner has added a special item to the menu: after asking you some questions, the owner will prepare, on the spot, a cup of coffee specially suitable for you.

I ordered their famous latte, don’t believe that it only looks beautiful! It’s the same on the inside as the outside, when you take a sip the perfect combination of aromatic coffee anf fresh milk will bless your taste buds! Truly a perfect latte!

The owner preparing coffee for us.

My friend ordered the hazelnut coffee with milk and found it awesome, only one sip and it made him fall in love with Coffeelization! Personally, I find it suitable for people who do not want their coffee too strong and like having a little bit of milk to balance out the flavor.

Also, don’t miss their homemade cakes, which are different every week! As it’s currently the strawberry season, this time the cake was a strawberry cheesecake. Perfect for a strawberry-lover like me!

黑潮 Coffeelization
Address: No. 7, Lane 22, Xinxing Road, Longjing District, Taichung City, 434
Phone number: 0975 268 557
Facebook: 黑潮 coffeelization
Instagram: 黑潮 coffeelization