Japanese style rice ball | Discover a blend of healthy flavours at Jiégouting

Students who are living in Donghai certainly know this hidden but incredible shop. Are you asking me what it sells? And what delicious food there is? Come and let’s eat, I will introduce you all today to Jiégouting’s Japanese style rice ball!

It’s a shop selling Japanese style rice balls hidden in a lane,
using seasonable vegetables and fresh ingredients, which are selected every morning by the owner himself at the local market, consciously and rigorously.
The owner loves Japanese culture, and has decorated the interior of the shop in a Japanese style. In addition, the owner is also a hundred percent “cat fan”: from the stalls to the chopsticks and coin purse made by the owner’s friend, the silhouette of a cat is always visible. Are you asking me if the rice ball can be eaten at breakfast? No no no, the rice balls of this shop are so famous, that eating them both at breakfast and at lunch would be no problem at all!

Let me first introduce you to the pork rice ball presented on the signboard inside the shop, the best seller which made this place so famous. Stuffed with pork and a special sauce, it will make you want to eat more and more, one bite after another, without being able to stop! The shop also does not seem to use the same rice as traditional rice balls which often cause bloating. And also because the owner cooks with seasonable vegetables, the vegetables always change, so each time you cut the rice ball it’s like opening a present, you’ll be wondering what surprise the owner has hidden inside this time.

Another must-eat is the fried chicken steak. Classic fried chicken steak are deep-fried, but this shop’s fried chicken are pan-fried, so it’s not only delicious but also healthier. The chicken skin is crispy and the meat is juicy and succulent, with the Japanese sauce it’s a match made in heaven.

Lastly, about the drinks, we recommend the condensed soy milk. Why is it called condensed soy milk? Because it’s so thick! Infact, it’s handground by the owner himself, which cultivates a depth of flavour. It’s not expensive, one glass of soy milk is big and the amount of sugar can be adjusted. Also, the black tea is low in sugar, which allow customers to drink healthily. We strongly recommend those who want to look after their body to try Jiégouting’s drinks!

The Japanese style rice balls of Jiégouting are world famous, so next time you come to Donghai, be sure to try them!

結構亭 日式飯糰 (Jiégouting’s Japanese style rice ball)
Address: No. 175號, Datong St, Longjing District, Taichung City, Taiwan 434
Phone number: 0975 811 808
Facebook: 結構亭 日式飯糰
Instagram: 結構亭 日式飯糰