Mushrooms pasta | Romantic French Brunch


There’s always a legend going around Tunghai Shopping District that said Mushrooms Pasta is not only the most delicious restaurant in Tunghai.

There’s always a long line outside, it’s a no brainer that it is completely full during the holidays, even the employees are the handsome guys and beautiful girls that are chosen carefully by the boss, no wonder why its business is so good!

Today, let’s try out the long waited delicious foods while they update their menu and it is the beginning of a new semester. We also can’t forget to take a look at the part timer for the new year (Throw petals). This year, the three of us purposely choose to come here at brunch time, enjoy the delicious food in this romantic environment.

side dish  from 蘑菇Pasta

Romantic French Brunch Combo, which is the food that came up first is what we highly recommended. I think this is very suitable for girls who have a small appetite, because the main ingredient is a salad appetizer with french toast and hot dogs, the portion is good enough and makes you feel full, you don’t need to worry about going to workout after you finished eating~~ XD

Mushroom Pizza from 蘑菇Pasta

Our part timer and foodie girl ordered the Mushroom Pizza, its crispy crust with the specially made mushroom and thick cheese makes you don’t want to brush your teeth at night to let the flavours stay until the end of the world.

蘑菇Pasta Brunch Set

I forgot to mention that we bring our boss who has a new haircut recently along with us, we are afraid that he stayed in the house for too long and didn’t get any sun and get the old person smell, hahaha! Don’t think that he looks like a monk, but he is a single straight guy with a girl’s heart.

Brunch Set

Hopefully everyone won’t lose their appetite after seeing the bald boss, god bless you (hands in prayer). The next brunch is the yoghurt chicken combo. The tender chicken with the specially made sauce, but it doesn’t lose the chicken’s original freshness, the oiliness is completely gone when it goes with the apple yoghurt.

Brunch Set

Here we present our manager Rebecca’s beautiful photo (Please ignore her muffin top) XD

Mulberry souffle

Lastly, of course we need to have the signature dessert souffle, you must try the brand new flavor mulberry souffle. The flavor of sweet and sour match perfectly with the transition from summer to fall. Also, it is the perfect way to end our little brunch gathering. (Heart Heart)

Mushrooms pasta
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Phone number: 04 2631 7115
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