Looking for Volunteers and Help Exchange in Taichung, Taiwan

FREE ACCOMMODATION! We are offering free accommodation in exchange for your help or talent.

Who We Are

We believe travel is an essential element of life, and so are many other various lifestyles. Thus, we are trying to incorporate every little good bit of life, blend all of them into our space, so what you experience here may be more than just a good night of sleep, and essence of different lifestyles.

Our staff are talented with different specialties, such as Korean, Spanish, Cantonese, Chinese literature, photography, Muay Thai… and of course, chatting and partying.

We are hoping our diverse interests and hobbies may help you to discover more about Taiwanese culture and lifestyles, more than sightseeing and visiting attractions. Moreover, we are also looking forward to discover more about your culture, so please come and share with us.

We Are Looking For

  • Housekeeper: to maintain the cleanliness of environment, and make the room for our guest.
  • Photographer/Vlogger: to capture the beauty of Taichung and process them into postcards/blogs/vlogs.
  • Painter, artist and illustrator: to draw postcards, mural painting, or to make our environment more vivid.

Duration and Working Hour

  • Housekeeper:
    • minimum stay of 10 nights
    • Daily working hour is from 10am to 2pm
    • 2 day-offs a week.
  • Photographer/Painter/Illustrator/Vlogger: We’d like to exchange free accommodation for your project. The length of accommodation and the number of projects to be exchanged are negotiable. Please feel free to ask and bargain with your talent.


  • Volunteers will be arranged to sleep in a 2-Bed private room with 1 bunk bed. May need to sleep with another volunteer in the same room if needed.
  • Air-con included.
  • Free Wi-Fi, laundry, kitchen…etc., all the facilities.


No regular meal is provided, but sometimes staff cook with guests to share our local cuisines. If you would like to share your local food with us, please feel free to show your skills. 🙂


Please fill up the Application Form here. Approved applicants will receive further notification, rejected application won’t receive rejection notification.


Thanks to those who helped and stayed with us, we had a lot of good time together. We miss you guys, hope to meet you guys again in the future!

For More Info

You can find us on Workaway, HelpX, Worldpackers…etc. for more reference. If you have more questions, feel free to write us an e-mail, or contact us via Facebook and Instagram.