Want Fried Want Eat | You just want it!

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Once upon a time in Donghai, two French people wanted to have a big break in their healthy life and walked through the Xinxing road looking for true porn food. After passing by dumpling restaurants, fried rice, noodle stalls, pizzas and pasta shops, they weren’t satisfied…. until they stumbled upon the most incredible place they could find… a place which sells only FRIED food!

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This time, forget your diet, forget your rules, just go. Don’t hesitate to order whatever you want without any regret. Sometimes you just have to let things go…

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The shop in itself is a little counter with no table, so you’ll have to take away.

We ordered too much food but this is the point of indulging ourselves, right? Fried chicken breast, french fries, fried xiao bao and fried century eggs (yes, it exists!). Plus some vegetables to ease our conscience, fried broccolis and fried sweet glutinous taro (okay it’s sweet…). There was lots of other food we wanted to try, but you have to stop sometimes… Fried squid, onions, sweet potatoes, pig’s blood cake (if you’re not vegetarian and you want to try something unique, you have to order this, a cake made of glutinous rice and pig’s blood), tofu, mushrooms, cabbage and so on… the list is very long and it makes you want to come back.

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We added all the spices, plum powder, pepper and a little bit of chilli powder. Sounds delicious, right?

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By the time we arrived at T-life we were so hungry and excited that our hands were shaking when we put all the food on the plates and bowls.

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Finally, the time has come to eat… We were swallowing everything, scoffing it down and barely chewing each mouthful. I started with the century egg which I expected to be incredible, but it wasn’t so different to normal century eggs, even if it was good. It was the same with the sweet glutinous taro. The French fries were tasty but I think that next time I won’t add plum powder, because it gives a sweet side to the French fries which I personally don’t appreciate. What I liked the most was the little bao (it’s difficult not to appreciate them…) and the chicken breast which was just delicious, perfectly seasoned.

After finishing the food (we had to share it with other people as it was too much), we had no regret, just a feeling of satisfaction. But we knew that the next meal would be much much lighter…

The shop closes at 1:30am, so for those who want a late night snack, for example after drinking, this place would be perfect.

饗炸 炸物食堂 東海總店 (Want fried want eat)
Address: 434, Taichung City, Longjing District
Phone number: 04 2631 8783
Facebook: 饗炸 東海創始店