Mou Mou Puff house | Original homemade cream pastries

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What’s this mysterious place with so many people standing in line?

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It just looks like a bakery selling western pastries, but people always come out with a bag full of stuff… It’s really strange; let’s take a look!

From the outside, behind the queue and on tiptoes, we can see one of the staff behind a counter full of pastries and desserts. He picks up one of the piping bags and quickly fills a big puff with cream, handing it off to another member of staff. The other member of staff puts it in a paper bag and waits for the remaining puffs to be filled before handing it to the customer. We were surprised to see that the customer was alone! Each puff is ten centimeters wide in diameter, so only one person can eat a puff from this shop. Does she intend to feed her whole family? Probably because of the long line, every customer buys lots of pastries to compensate for the waiting time.

Okay, this convinces us to give it a try: we are lining up.

Five minutes… Ten… It takes so long for a customer to come out of the shop…

Twenty minutes… We’re finally arriving at the shop window. There’s a sign that says “No more than five people inside. Thank you for understanding.”

Five minutes later, I’m the first one to enter. The food counter is so beautiful! But why is there no trace of the puffs?

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Oh, I see! A sign with the flavors of the puffs, there’re six: milk, chocolate, coffee, earl grey, strawberry and blueberry. All of them seem delicious…

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The next customer is out and finally my friend comes inside the shop. We agree to choose chocolate, earl grey and blueberry. With a taro roll, a lemon tart, a matcha tart (looks so beautiful!) and a French pastry called “pain au chocolat” in French, a sort of rectangular croissant with chocolate inside, but this time with sweet potato (let’s call it “pain à la patate douce”). Let’s copy the others and order lots of delicious desserts to ­­­­make up for the time spent waiting…

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With our bag full of sweet things we went back to T-life. Let’s share everything with whoever’s lucky enough to be home.

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We start with the puffs, the house specialty. The opinions are diverse; basically, if you don’t like cream pastries, it’s not for you. But people who like them are scoffing them down, finding the pastry to be scrumptious and the mix of cream and chocolate, earl grey or blueberry to be a success (although earl grey seemed to be the most popular).

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Chocolate puff

About the other desserts, our opinions were unanimous when it came to the lemon tart: there’s a perfect balance between the sourness of the lemon and the sugar, and between the crumbling side of the crust and the melting top. All this makes each bite so incredible… Whereas the matcha tart wasn’t as good as expected, it was a bit too sweet so we couldn’t taste the bitterness of the matcha tea.

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A perfect score for the taro roll and the “pain à la patate douce” too! The taro roll was unexpectedly light thanks to the cake part, which was airy and every mouthful was melting in our mouths. We could taste the flavor of taro very well. The “pain à la patate douce” was crusty, the French pastry and the sweet potato were a match made in heaven!

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After we all finished the desserts, we decided to nominate another one of us to do the waiting next time…

哞哞屋 牛角泡芙專賣店 (Puff house/The house of Mou mou)
Address: 434, Taichung City, Longjing District, 新興路東興巷40號
Facebook: 哞哞屋-東海店