Dadun Cultural Center

tcc13Taichung is home to many creative spaces, centers, and public art. The Dadun Cultural Center is open to the public and features a variety of creative spaces including galleries and exhibitions rooms, a public library, classrooms, a cinema, performance halls….the list goes on. Because it is free to attend and hosts interesting events as well as art collections, it’s another great way to interact with art and other cultural activities in Taichung.


I stumbled across the Cultural Center when walking back from exploring the Calligraphy Greenway. It is just off the Calligraphy Greenway and is a close neighbor to the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. With it’s longer opening hours, it’s a convenient indoor place to explore in the evening or nightime after the sun has set.

In addition to the performance hall, there is an outdoor plaza for smaller performances and buskers. The Dadun Culture Center hosts bazaars on their outdoor plaza and along the Greenway for people to showcase their handmade crafts.

Throughout the year, the indoor art galleries host four major exhibitions including the Taichung City Female Artists Group Exhibition (in March), the Young Voices exhibition (April), the Taichung City Exhibition of Contemporary Artists (August), and the Dadun Fine Arts Exhibition (November). There are also year round exhibits, so there is always something to see at the Dadun Cultural Center.

The center is open Tuesday – Sunday, 8am – 9pm. It is closed on Mondays. If you are wandering along the Greenway, have just finished seeing the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, or just looking for something to do, you should definitely check out the spaces at the Dadun Cultural Center.




DSC_1165來台中一定要來高美溼地啊!原本我也是這麼想的,但礙於最近空汙較為嚴重,已經把這個行程delay了好多天,最後在一堆美景照片的誘惑下,決定不管怎樣還是該出發了!(畢竟我在台中只會待一個月😂 Continue reading