Hunting for Art at Tunghai Art Street

img_6425.jpgWith it being my last day in Taichung before heading back to the states, I wanted to go to one last tourist spot, but preferably one that was close enough to walk to. Enter Tunghai Arts Street. With it being a 20 minute walk from T-Life Hostel there wasn’t much of a hassle getting there. What I read about the street as I was walking dated the street back to 1980’s, but featured a a look into Taiwan’s historic look and feel. Continue reading

Nantou – village des monstres et Xitou- foret éducative.

0F2C3A1E-2BD3-4A41-B9E3-D25E1FA2D762_dAux abords de la ville de Taichung,  il y a une  chouette ballade à faire en famille.  Il vous faudra donner un petit billet pour y entrer cependant pour une journée entière  je pense que ça en vaut la peine. Les kilomètres de  chemins bétonnés ou forestiers sont bien balisés et vous permettront de découvrir la faune et la flore de Taïwan.

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你覺得自己夠廢了嗎? 那你一定沒來過T-Life





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Taichung, why do I love you?

06082017 - captureWhen in doubt, travel…

After about a year working in the Philippines, I had decided to renew with Taiwan, the little island I had fallen for about 2 years ago. Back then, the place was pretty low-key and foreigners could be easily spotted out from the crowd. However, out from all the odds, its people, culture and spirit had grabbed my heart and I could only dream about the day I’ll be coming back. Continue reading