Dadun Cultural Center

Taichung is home to many creative spaces, centers, and public art. The Dadun Cultural Center is open to the public and features a variety of creative spaces including galleries and exhibitions rooms, a public library, classrooms, a cinema, performance halls….the list goes on. Because it is free to attend and hosts interesting events as well as art collections, it’s another great way to interact with art and other cultural activities in Taichung.

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National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts


There is a lot to see at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and with two major exhibitions currently on display, it’s a perfect time to go. The museum is (and its exhibitions) free and open to the public. Located off of the intriguing Calligraphy Greenway, it makes for a perfect cultural and artistic afternoon in Taichung City.

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Taichung International Dance Parade & Festival

This weekend marks the start of the 2018 Taichung International Dance Parade and Festival.

This is the third year that the festival is taking place and it has been a popular celebration to attend for citizens of countries around the world.The streets of Taichung are flooded with performances focusing on promoting Taichung to international travelers.

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Slices of Serenity Part 3-Taichung Metropolitan Park

fullsizeoutput_1919Staying at T-Life, there are an abundance of activities nearby to occupy your time. Taichung is a bustling city offering many of the amenities of any major city. Sometimes city life can be exhausting, however, and you may find yourself looking for some sweet solace on a patch of green during your stay. This is part three of a series that serves as a detailed list of possible destinations along this path Continue reading