Finding the best bubble tea in Tung-hai night market 東海別墅珍奶評分

Anyone and everyone that comes to Taiwan knows that bubble tea is the number 1 must try beverage. Luckily for you, T-life staff and helpers, on your behalf scouted the local night market (Tung-hai night market) order to find the best tasting bubble tea in the area. [We now have diabetes (you’re welcome!)]

來到台灣每一個人都知道第一名必須要試喝的飲料就是珍珠奶茶. 我們T-Life的員工和小幫手替你們找到東海附近最好喝的珍奶. (我們現在都有糖尿病).
給不喜歡走路的人, 這篇提到的飲料店都離民宿在5分鐘內喔~

Note: All the shops mentioned are all within walking distance of T-life.

Since funds were limited and literally every other store in Tung-hai is a bubble tea shop (yay for student districts) we couldn’t try everything (so to say that our research is currently still a working progress.) We narrowed our selection down by having every staff member choose one (possibly their favourite) store.

因為東海的飲料店太多了所以我們那天沒辦法全部都試喝. (我們都研究還沒結束喔~). 所以我們只有請每一個員工/小幫手選他們最喜歡的飲料店.

After going off by ourselves to purchase the drinks we came back to T-Life to do a blind taste test. Each drink was reviewed on two aspects :
– milk tea flavour

購買不同珍奶之後回到T-Life做盲測. 我們評分的重點有兩點. 奶茶的味道 + 珍珠的口感.

From worst to the best here are the shops we rated:


6. 古早味仙草甘茶

This shop was rated the lowest because of the watery consistency due to the fact it was 90% ice.  Actually this isn’t surprising because in fact this shop isn’t even a speciality bubble tea shop. This was bought by our English helper Stefan who chose this shop because of the pretty servers. Bubble tea isn’t even on the menu, you have to request it specially. Go here for grass jelly ~ but not for bubble tea.

這一家是我們的來自英國的小幫手Stefan選的. 主要是因為他喜歡這裡的美女員工. 其實這邊並不是專業賣奶茶的所以這裡的奶茶很普通. 應該要去這裡買仙草吧不要和他們的珍珠奶茶.

Milk Tea 奶茶: 4.8/10
Bubble 珍珠: 5.5/10
Price:35-40 NTD

5. 圓石禪飲

This place was chosen by own staff member Rita. Some people said it has a kind of coffee flavour? Others said it’s too sweet.

這一杯是我們員工Rita在趕回家路上順便買的. 有一點點咖啡的味道, 又太甜了. 我們都覺得還好.

Milk Tea 奶茶: 5.3/10
Bubble 珍珠: 5.8/10
Price:60 NTD

4. 50 嵐

This brand is a very famous bubble tea brand in Taiwan. It can be found literally everywhere and is quoted by many local Taiwanese to be the best bubble tea. This brand has lots of die hard fans, just like our helper Tim, who in the blind taste test could distinguish out 50 嵐 and immediately gave it 10/10. Everyone else though, who had a more objective mind rated the bubble tea to be average.

這一家是很多人說是台灣最好喝的奶茶店~ 有好多人是他們的粉絲. 我們的台南小幫手Tim在盲測也能分得出來50嵐的奶茶. 好厲害! 不過客觀來說50嵐的珍奶大概是一般水準.

Milk Tea 奶茶: 6.2/10
Bubble 珍珠: 6.3/10
Price:50 NTD

3. 喫茶小鋪

Another famous bubble tea brand in Taiwan. Wanted to try their new type of milk tea, but it isn’t coming out until winter, so we just went with the standard one. Everyone commented on the unique pudding like flavour of the milk tea. Pretty good especially for the large cup and price!

我們來這裡是因為要喝它們新推出的奶茶. 但因為是冬季限定夏天還沒有所以最後只買他們原味的. 這個口味大家都說好像布丁一樣. 又便宜又好喝, 還不錯~ 給第三.

Milk Tea 奶茶: 6.2/10
Bubble 珍珠: 6.8/10
Price:45 NTD

2.  珍煮丹

This place is like the fancy french cuisine restaurant of bubble teas. The shop has places to sit and even air conditioning! The electricity fee shows in the price~

The swirly brown sugar bubble tea is pretty great too though.

對飲料店來說這裡超高級的~ 連椅子跟冷氣都有. 價格也很’高’級. 也能喝得出來質感不同, 黑糖珍奶滿好喝的~

Milk Tea 奶茶: 7.2/10
Bubble 珍珠: 6.8/10
Price:60 NTD


First place goes to a Tung hai one and only~ It’s a non chain store selling brown sugar pearl milk tea. Every agreed that it was the best for bubbles and tea flavour. Relatively cheap for the size. Definitely recommend this place if you are in the area! Local is the best!

第一名頒給東海才有的非連鎖店家 – 小確幸~ 珍珠和奶茶都排第一名. 大杯!!! 好喝!! 而且相對便宜!! 如果你來到東海的話, 這間是必須要去的! 喜歡喝珍奶的朋友一定要去喝看看.

Milk Tea 奶茶: 7.7/10
Bubble 珍珠: 7.3/10
Price:50 NTD

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