Taichung’s Cat Cafes

After an exhausting busy itinerary of sight seeing spots, travellers in Taichung might benefit from a quiet sit down and relax with some furry feline friends. Luckily for you cat lovers T-Life is in a convenient location for visiting many of Taichung’s best cat cafes.

1. 橘光呼嚕X背包cat

Located close to Tung hai university, on Tung hai art street this cafe is very convinient to get to from T-Life (about a 15 minute walk). The have around 12 very friendly cats, in quite a small shop so you are definitely guaranteed a lot of cat interaction. You can also purchase a small tube of cat food for 25 NTD to increase your chances.

The food and drinks here are not the best but then again I don’t think most people go there for that reason. Also since there are so many cats, it might not be the easiest location to study/work in.
Number 1 for cat lovers but if you are fussy about your cafes this one might not be for you! You can always pop into the nearby Chun Shui Tang afterwards if you are hungry.

2. R星咖啡

This cafe I feel is more focused on being a cafe rather than a cat cafe. Not to say that there aren’t any cute cats, just that they put a lot more effort into their menu! The atmosphere and decor here is also really nice. They have a photo studio type area on the second floor if you are looking to take some instagram photos.

Anyway, back to cats.


This place is a bit closer to Taichung train station so will require a bit of a bus ride , but definitely worth a visit. This place serves proper meals, like pasta, risotto and bakes, as well as drinks and desserts . I remember they had a lot of cat merchandise for sale too! There are too many cats, but it’s a lot quieter (in terms of number of customers) so if you are looking for a quiet place to spend a lunch time/ afternoon this place could be perfect.

Back to cats.