National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts


There is a lot to see at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and with two major exhibitions currently on display, it’s a perfect time to go. The museum is (and its exhibitions) free and open to the public. Located off of the intriguing Calligraphy Greenway, it makes for a perfect cultural and artistic afternoon in Taichung City.


NTMFA is currently showcasing work from the 2018 Taiwan Biennial under this year’s theme, Wild Rhizome. The exhibition started on September 9th, 2018 and will be running until February 10th, 2019. While at the museum, it is also possible to view Flowers of Immense Charm, a masterpiece exhibition put together by four major museums in conjunction with the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition. Flowers of Immense Charm can be viewed from October 6th, 2018 until February 10th, 2019. Both of these are “must-see” exhibitions as they feature incredibles works of art from Taiwanese and international artists.

Flowers of Immense Charm includes art from the collections of the National Palace Museum, Tokyo Fuji Art Museum, CHIMEI Museum, and of course, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. It is curated by Hsaio Chong-Ray. 

All of the pieces convey imagery of flowers through paintings, installations, ceramics, and various other mediums. This exhibition can be viewed throughout the main lobby of the museum and the cloister, and in Galleries 101 and 102. 


After strolling through Flowers of Bloom, head over to Galleries 103 – 107 to enjoy the Biennial. Work is also in display in Galleries 201 – 202, in the Museum Plaza, Gallery Street, E-Pavillion, and the lobby.

The Biennial is curated by Gong Jow-Jiun and Chou Yu-Ling. Wild Rhizome seeks to address the following: “the organizational structure of artistic communities, the non-linear generation of artistic events, and the constellation of alternative histories” (quote from the museum’s newsletter).


Be sure to check out the surrounding area of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art as the outdoor spaces and lawns have plenty of art to offer as well.

The museum is open Tuesday – Friday from 9am – 5pm. On Saturday and Sunday, they have extended hours from 9am – 6pm. Please note they are closed on Mondays.

For more information, you can view their website here (in English):
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art