2 Bed Mixed Private (Shared Bathroom)

Other than dorm rooms, we have private room which is suitable for couples. However, all the rooms are with shared bathrooms, please note that.


・ 萬國插座 – 不用準備轉接頭即可為所有電子用品充電
・ USB插座 x 2 – 可以同時幫手機及相機充電
・ 衣架 – 出外旅行也可以每天換穿不同打扮拍照
・ 夜燈 – 怕黑的你晚上也可以安心入睡

・ 吹風機 – 不管幾點做造型都不用怕打擾到其他房客
・ 女性衛生用品 – 出門臨時碰到意外也不用怕尷尬
・ 洗髮精及沐浴乳 – 瓶瓶罐罐帶夠多了,少帶兩瓶可以多點空間裝紀念品
・ 乾溼分離 – 不用怕衣服被沖濕
・ 超強水壓 – 洗去旅途上累積的一身疲憊





3 thoughts on “2 Bed Mixed Private (Shared Bathroom)

  1. Hi just want to no how much a private room is for one week? I will be arriving on the 8th November and just wanted to get some prices. Thanks

  2. Hello there Nihao I am a new International student at Tunghai University and would be requiring a private room for single person at least for a week can be 10!days please say the price I have to pay and other terms and conditions I should know.