Fish Cafe | Amazing hand-brewed coffee

Fish Cafe is a place entirely dedicated to coffee, so be prepared to be amazed. Located in the Donghai area (under Beryl’s sweet café and near Jiégouting which sells Japanese style rice balls – see our articles about those places), this coffee shop is not a chain but is an independent shop.

When you enter inside the shop, you will notice that the decoration is minimalistic but very stylish, with a bay window to let the light through and plants inside and outside, which gives freshness to the place.

Just by the decoration you’ll immediately see that the owner of this place knows a lot about coffee. Look at all the coffee pots and machines!

On the bookshelves all the books are about coffee, did the owner really read all of them?

When approaching the counter to place our order, we can see there are a lot of coffee bags for customers to buy, each bag a different type of coffee.

We ask for a Macadamia latte and a black rice lavender tea, without caffeine. The choice of coffee is difficult…for those who don’t like latte there is Espresso and Americano, I bet they’re delicious, but the long list of lattes makes up our mind.

We aren’t disappointed at all; at the first sip it’s just an explosion of flavors in your mouth. The flavors of coffee, milk and macadamia are all very strong and the combination is so harmonious! The Madadamia latte is actually the best latte of our lives! Who would have known that our favorite latte would be down a small lane in the Donghai area?

If you read my article about Beryl’s sweet café which is upstairs, you would have known that their cafe isn’t brewed by themselves but by the Fish café and we can understand why now.

The black rice lavender tea is actually a quite soothing; similar to a herbal tea. I wouldn’t have known that there’s black rice inside though, only the purple color of the tea can give you a hint, maybe because the rice flavor is naturally less strong that the lavender flavor.

We spent one hour by chatting, savoring our cups of coffee and tea and leafing through a book about the history of coffee machines. This cafe feels like a great place share a good time with friends, unlike Beryl’s sweet cafe, which feels like a traditional English library. We can understand now why both cafes are in the same building without competing with each other: you’ll go to Beryl’s sweet café to study or read a book and enjoy a desert in a cozy and calm atmosphere; whereas in the Fish café you’ll bring some friends to chat around a good cup of hand-brewed coffee.

Fish Cafe 魚咖啡
Address: No. 8號, Lane 27, Xinxing Road, Longjing District, Taichung City, 434
Phone number: 0986 101 616
Facebook: Fish Cafe 自家烘焙咖啡館
Instagram: Fish Cafe 自家烘焙咖啡館