Luce Memorial Chapel 路思义教堂


Luce Memorial Chapel is a small, beautiful church nestled in Tunghai University. It is just a 20 minute walk from T-Life Hostel, hence it was the first attraction that I went to after I arrived at the hostel. If you are looking for some peaceful time on your own, you can consider going there and just sit down and chill on the soft grass.

But apparently, couples do go there for dates too…


I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about the sunset that day because minutes before the sunset, the sky was still gloomy. But I stayed on anyway, knowing that the sky is always unpredictable. How lucky was I, the sky soon burst into an array of colours! I went back to hostel feeling extremely satisfied. 😀


Getting there:

Walk towards Tung Hai Villa bus stop (no need to cross the bridge). Continue walking towards the direction of Tung Hai University. You will pass by a few entrances to the university, enter by the entrance nearest to the university’s swimming pool and near Taichung Veterans General Hospital / Tunghai University Station bus stop. Walk for about 5 more minutes and you will see the chapel.

Or, you can walk into the university via its secret back entrance. It only takes about 5-10 min walk from T-Life Hostel to the back entrance. However, the entrance is kinda difficult to find, please ask staff for the details. 🙂


*This article is contributed by 小帮手Serene.