An old man with a big dream – Rainbow Village 彩虹眷村


While staying in T-Life hostel, I chatted with many travelers and I would usually recommend them to go to Rainbow Village. The reactions that I got were mixed, some felt that it’s a tiny village with “nothing much”, while some others were curious to see for themselves what’s the hype about Rainbow Village.

Yes, Rainbow Village is indeed tiny. But I still rank it as one of my favourite places in Taichung city. Why?

Because it’s authentic.

Because this tiny place exudes a positive energy which I have never felt in any other attraction before. Every picture is vibrant and somewhat child-like, with occasional phrases of good wishing. And Rainbow Warrior will be there to take a funny selfie with you, sing with you and encourage you to continue chasing after your dreams.

Some say that Grandpa Rainbow started drawing out of boredom, whereas some other sources mentioned that the village was slated for demolition and he started drawing to prevent the village from being demolished. Unfortunately, Grandpa Rainbow was not around on the day I visited, hence I wasn’t able to ask him how Rainbow Village came about.

Regardless of which is the truth, one thing I know for sure is that the Rainbow Village is the reflection of the courage and optimism of Grandpa Rainbow.

Thank you to Nana and Tatsunori for the company!

Getting there:

  • Take bus service number 300 to 308 at BRT Tung Hai Villa bus stop towards Taichung Railway Station and alight 5 stops later at Fu-An Station bus stop.
  • Walk for about 2 minutes to An-He Taiwan Boulevard Intersection bus stop.
  • Take bus service number 27 towards Ling Tung University and alight 21 stops later at Ling Tung University (Ling Tung Road). [*note that Ling Tung University (Yong Chun Nan Road) & Ling Tung University (Ling Tung Road) are 2 DIFFERENT stops. The bus will stop at Ling Tung University (Ling Tung Road) first.]
  • Walk for about 5 minutes to Rainbow Village.

*This article is contributed by 小帮手 Serene.