An old man with a big dream – Rainbow Village 彩虹眷村


While staying in T-Life hostel, I chatted with many travelers and I would usually recommend them to go to Rainbow Village. The reactions that I got were mixed, some felt that it’s a tiny village with “nothing much”, while some others were curious to see for themselves what’s the hype about Rainbow Village. Continue reading



Carman Cheung,香港人, 從二月開始到台灣新竹作交換生,期間已去過台灣很多地方,常自稱自己是半個台灣人,到處說著一口 ‘流利’的台語。學期差不多要完了,但在香港時已決定多買一個月的機票,好讓自己在畢業前散散心(應該是懶惰)。空著的一個月,想著聽聞已久的打工換宿,就決定要試一下,沒什麼擔心,只擔心有沒有飽飯吃。 Continue reading