Taichung… T-Life: a place to call home

T-Life - instagramWhat day was it? I forgot. The sun sneaking through the window had taken me out from my dreams. How long has it been? I had forgotten. Lost in my own thoughts and pursuit of happiness, I had found a place to call home in T-Life and the thought of leaving could only break my heart.    June 2017.

T-Life hostel, niched in the outskirt of the city, a ride away from the train station, had soon become my perfect refuge. Not far from Tung Hai night market, the university and a local artsy village, the local surrounding offered all the amenities for the late night cravings (guilty), burning desires to try on the local snacks and delicacies, but also the quirkiness and culture laying deep in the heart of Taiwan.

How long has it been? One week, perhaps two, three? I had lost count to only comfort myself with the friendly echoes of the staff bursting in contagious laughter or vividly talking. T-Life… a place, I will always be happy to call home.

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