The more scenic way to the Luce Memorial Chapel


With the campus of Tunghai University being hailed as one of the most attractive universities in Taiwan, it only makes sense that a chapel would be designed to become one of Taiwan’s most sought after landmarks. As the project was finished in November of 1963, artist and architect Chen Chi-Kwan along with the notorious architect I.M. Pei,  worked for over a year to design the famous curved chapel.

I didn’t have time to visit the chapel my first night here at T-Life Hostel, but once I knew it was about 20 minute commute from the hostel (and cost effective), it was my mission to go the next day. Other posts here on the blog will tell you the that there are two ways to get to the chapel: One being the standard google map way, and the other by secret entrance. Although it can a little tricky I would highly recommend this route as it makes the walk to the chapel that much more enjoyable (and it helps protect you from the heat you’re likely to encounter should you go during midday as I did).

The interesting thing to me was I didn’t know that the chapel was a part of the Tunghai University campus, so it struck me as a surprise when I saw that the secret entrance led into the university. Maybe I had forgotten, but it made walking to the chapel that much better seeing some of the campus’ scenic views along the way.


Apparently a couple was having their marriage photos taken… Alumni? 🤔

Once I reached the chapel, I could see why so many came to see it: simple yet exquisitely abstract in form.


They allow you to do most activities, but do be careful as this sign does have restrictions as to what is allowed.

Now how do I actually get there?

As you leave T-Life, take right onto Xinxing Road and continue on that road to the bus stations (don’t cross the bridge) and make a right. You’ll pass multiple entrances to the university, but just stay on Section 4, Taiwan Boulevard until you reach Yuenong Road, then take a left. Continue on this road until you reach the Chapel. Here’s the standard google map:


Now getting to the secret entrance is a bit more difficult, but you start the same way. Once on Xinxing Road, look for Watsons near the Tunghai Villa Night Market and take a right at that intersection. Once there, walk until you see the yes58 and make a left on the left side of that building and you should see the secret entrance!I also included a map, but if unsure, be sure to ask one of the staff members at T-Life for assistance.