Slices of Serenity-Part 2-Minsu Park

Staying at T-Life, there are an abundance of activities nearby to occupy your time. Taichung is a bustling city offering many of the amenities of any major city. Sometimes city life can be exhausting, however, and you may find yourself looking for some sweet solace on a patch of green during your stay. This is part two of a series that serves as a detailed list of possible destinations along this path

Minsu Park is small, and doesn’t offer much in the way of green patches for running about or lounging. That’s of no concern, however, because what it does offer more than makes up for what it lacks.  On site at Minsu Park is a small, but well kept museum of Taiwanese culture.

Walk through and get a taste of Taiwan’s rich history and culture, including an exhibition temple and classroom, photos and other documentation of festivals and events, and endless artifacts of ages ago.

The museum also serves as a sort of community event space for all types of classes, if your stay at T-Life is long enough to permit, it would be worthwhile to check their schedule.

Minsu Park is also outfitted with a peaceful and pleasant pond right next to the museum


The diligent explorer may even be rewarded with a visit from a precious troop of ducklings

Make your way out to the lawn in front of the museum and you’ll find a number of sculptures and art instillations to take in while relaxing on the grass or benches provided

Minsu Park has a number of food shops close by and a PXMart grocery store across the street, as well, making it a perfect destination for a picnic in the park.


Getting there-

Take bus 68 from Dong Hai Villa bus station and get off at Wen Xin Re He Rd Intersection.  Walk about 3 blocks north to Minsu Park