Slices of Serenity Part 3-Taichung Metropolitan Park

fullsizeoutput_1919Staying at T-Life, there are an abundance of activities nearby to occupy your time. Taichung is a bustling city offering many of the amenities of any major city. Sometimes city life can be exhausting, however, and you may find yourself looking for some sweet solace on a patch of green during your stay. This is part three of a series that serves as a detailed list of possible destinations along this path

Taichung Metro Park is the largest park that you’ll be able to reach in a reasonable amount of time from T-Life.  It’s a bit isolated with no shops or businesses in the vicinity, so come prepared with a picnic or whatever you’ll need for the day.  Unlike most parks on this list, Taichung Metro Park offers a respectable amount of walking/hiking trails.  If you’re looking for the feeling of escaping the city for an afternoon, this park is your best choice.  This park offers much more than just a feeling of escape, however.

At the entrance to the park is a building with several classrooms and a “restaurant” (which has never been open when I visited.) There’s also an amphitheater on the grounds, so stop at the visitor’s center to find out if there’s anything going on that day that may be of interest to you


Starting at the entrance and running through much of the park is one of the highlights that makes this park worth a visit, a lovely pond inhabited by some wildlife

How to get there:

Walk to the Dong Hai Villa bus stop and cross to the north side of the Taiwan Boulevard. Board bus 324 and ride it to the end of the line.  On the way to the park is another destination that may be of interest to you, Tung Hai Arts Street, two parallel streets of shops filled with hand made goods. Just keep heading straight north when you cross over Taiwan Boulevard and you should find it after about a 10 minute walk.  Then board the 324 bus from the “International Art Street” intersection and continue on your journey.

If you’re riding a scooter, be prepared to pay for parking when you arrive.