Slices of Serenity- Part 4 Taichung Park


Staying at T-Life, there are an abundance of activities nearby to occupy your time. Taichung is a bustling city offering many of the amenities of any major city. Sometimes city life can be exhausting, however, and you may find yourself looking for some sweet solace on a patch of green during your stay. This is part one of series that serves as a detailed list of possible destinations along this path

Taichung Park

Taichung Park is in a most convenient location, almost in the center of Taichung’s busiest and most tourist-friendly district.  As is made evident by the naming, this is truly the premier park of the city of Taichung. The pictures on this post were taken during the Lantern Festival and much of the park was duly decorated in this theme, as Taichung Park is often dressed in the appropriate regalia of the season, considering it’s the flagship park of Taichung City.


At the heart of the park is a large pond with a fountain in the middle blasting water several stories high.


Several bridges of ornate design surround the pond and make for a scenic stroll

Across one of these bridges is a little island inhabited by a chalet-type building with benches inside.


Keep making your way around the pond and you’ll find a shack where you can rent a kayak or canoe at a reasonable rate for a more intimate excursion out on the pond


Although it’s certainly the centerpiece, the pond is not nearly the whole of what there is to see in this park. Wander around and find the collection of sculptures and effigies littered about, headlined by the massive billygoat standing proud above the crowd.

Enjoy the green grass and beautiful botanicals in the course of your search

Don’t make a chore of it though, make sure to take a rest in any of the handsome pavilions located along your path


While it’s true that most parks are for daytime use only, it’s worth sticking around till nightfall at Taichung Park to see the lights she wears at night

If you’re lucky enough to be there during a special season, there may be more special events in the park, like this mini carnival for the Lantern Festival


Given the ideal location, Taichung Park is great for taking a break from exploring Taichung’s city center while also also offering enough to occupy the whole afternoon of its visitors.

How to get there-

Take any 300 bus from Dong Hai Villa towards the city center.  Alight at the Changhua Bank (Tai Wan Da Dao) stop and walk 3 or 4 blocks northeast to the park.