Taichung, why do I love you?

06082017 - capture

When in doubt, travel…

After about a year working in the Philippines, I had decided to renew with Taiwan, the little island I had fallen for about 2 years ago. Back then, the place was pretty low-key and foreigners could be easily spotted out from the crowd. However, out from all the odds, its people, culture and spirit had grabbed my heart and I could only dream about the day I’ll be coming back.

When in doubt, travel… pack your bag… and go…

06082017 - travel

And there, I was… back in the plane, the bus, the train. Unconsciously following my feet through the crowd, I found back my way to where it all started.

Taichung. Why? Why Taichung do I love you?

Taichung, I love you for your simplicity. I love you, for your streets nicely designed and your green areas. I love you, for your parks. I love you, for your street food and night markets. I love you, for your museums and culture. I love you for your unique sunsets. Taichung, I love you, for you…

Taichung, why do I keep falling in and out of love for you? Because with you, I can be myself. With you, walking down the streets under the sun has become a daily routine. Spending my times, laying down in the parks, looking over koi fishes and wondering what next has become my reality.

Taichung, that’s why I love you. But, those words will never give you justice, won’t they? Because, they don’t describe the design and fine architecture popping out from your streets, the colourful drawings and graffiti painted on your walls, the unlikely delicious taste of your food, the friendliness and love of your inhabitants, your profound history and culture and most importantly, your thirst to be known.