Taichung nights: Markets, clubs & bars

img_22921Taichung is not really a “morning person.” Despite an abundant cafe culture, most of these lovely tea and coffee spots don’t open their doors until well after 11am (some of them literally list their opening time as “usually before noon”) which is fine for my second coffee, but I need the first one within 20 minutes of waking up. The city definitely comes alive in the nighttime, with markets, clubs, and bars all going strong until the wee hours. Here are some places to check out after the sun goes down. Continue reading

Watching the sunset at Gaomei Wetlands

__Sunset 3 - Gaomei

I have seen many sunsets, but I’ve usually been by myself or with one or two friends, and the fiery sky is usually just the beautiful backdrop to a peaceful walk or rooftop drinks (or a welcome distraction from work as I sit at my desk), but at Gaomei Wetlands, the sunset felt like a main event — an incredible show that hundreds of us had gathered to watch together. Continue reading

Good to the last stop: Bus trips in Taichung

img_2337For the budget-conscious traveller, Taichung is a great option in part because you can get literally almost anywhere in the city for free. In an effort to curb air pollution and encourage both locals and tourists to use public transit, the Taichung government supported an initiative to make all bus journeys under 10 kilometres free of charge. The patient and clever can extend this to even longer trips by getting off at strategic intervals and waiting for the next bus to come along. We met a local man on our visit to Gaomei Wetlands who regularly takes the bus there all the way from his house in Dali (about 35 kilometres away). Continue reading