T-Life Treasures: Rainbow Village

T-Life Treasures is a mini series of articles that feature “treasures” or interesting activities to do around the T-Life Hostel and Taichung area!

Rainbow Village

Brightly coloured and full of captivating street art, Rainbow Village is a group of cultural houses that once belonged to veterans of the civil war. As developers began to purchase the houses for reconstruction, one of the final remaining residents was former soldier, Huang Yung-Fu. It is said that, in his boredom, he started his artwork from a small painting on his house and continued to grow it into the vibrant village that it is today. Through his efforts, the village was saved from being demolished and is now a popular cultural attraction for visitors from all over the world!

When arriving at Rainbow Village, you will be greeted by a small group of houses that are decorated with paintings of people, animals, and designs of many shapes and sizes. As you continue through the doorway into the village, you will find yourself surrounded by multicoloured walls and corridors that lead to even more exciting areas for you to explore.


Aside from the many opportunities to take amazing pictures, there are also some other activities to do at Rainbow Village. For example, if you want an inexpensive souvenir, there is a coin press machine that allows you to choose a design, spin the wheel, and create your own mini memory of the village.

Near this machine, there are also small stamps similar to the ones found at other main attractions, but with special Rainbow Village designs. If you want to start your own collection, be sure to bring your own notebook. On the other hand, if you would like a larger souvenir, there is a small gift shop available in the middle of the village. Before you leave, be sure to check out the face-in-hole signs near the gift shop that are perfect for taking pictures with!


Once you have made your way out of the village, feel free to take a quick refreshment break at Rainbow Village’s own hole-in-the-wall cafe that offers soft drinks, bottled drinks, coffee, and the local favorite, bubble tea!


Located only about an hour and a half away by bus from T-Life Hostel, Rainbow Village offers a great pop of colour in the Taichung area. As a small village of eleven houses, this unique attraction can be experienced in a short period of time or enjoyed for a couple hours.

If you would like to visit Rainbow Village, the directions are below!